About Us – Bigler Extension

The Clearfield YMCA is a charitable, nonprofit organization that provides opportunities to all individuals and families in our community by putting high moral values and principles into practice through facilities, programs, services and activities that build healthy spirit, mind and body. The Clearfield YMCA fully accepts diversity and promotes community development and cooperation.

For over a century the Y has been dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected and secure children, adults, families and communities. Everyday we put heroes in the lives of others so that they can make better decisions for tomorrow. We help individuals find peace, balance, and acceptance as we come together to strengthen community for the common good.

Bigler Location: 61 Walker Road, Bigler, PA 16825

Telephone: (814) 857-7257


Monday 9:30AM – 8:00PM

Tuesday 9:30AM – 8:00PM

Wednesday 9:30AM – 8:00PM

Thursday 9:30AM – 8:00PM

Friday 9:30AM – 8:00PM

Saturday 12:00PM – 8:00PM

Sunday 4:00PM – 5:00PM

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For information about our downtown Clearfield location click here.